Love—for the blood to rush

Straight through your veins

For your head just to swirl

To be almost insane

For the joy to carry you up,

Up, up to the clouds

For the feeling you want to laugh

Or to cry right out loud

Love—for its sadness

Its temporary madness

For the merry-go-round

You are on.

For the secret delight

When your heart is in flight

When the love that you share

Seems too strong to bear

And the glow that you feel

Seems to great to be real

For the heady emotions

That sweep like a flood to the oceans.

Love—when the pain that you feel

At another’s small sorrows

Makes you want to take them away

For a hundred tomorrows.

All the wrenching, the tearing-

It certainly is wearing.

Love—How long can it last?

When will this feeling be past?

What did I do to deserve it?

And—for goodness sake—

How can I preserve LOVE


Published by


I am an experimental artist using Japanese washii paper and other collage materials as well as acrylics. I write books -my life stories, travels, poetry and more. I believe in working with my community and the world. I understand some French, Spanish, Japanese and a little spoken Chinese. I love to share.

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