And this is the way to be Rich

To value each minute of every day

To experience the pleasures along the way

A single flower, a cloudy sky, a trio of ducks floating by.

To let you heart be taken by storm

To feel the sun’s warmth on a wintery morn.

To admire the curved branches against the snow

To let your heart go, to let it go.

To bask in the glow of a warm hearted greeting

To thoroughly enjoy every chance meeting

To hear the music and quicken your pace

To dance for the joy of it all by yourself.

To feel happily tired after working hard

To see the care in a well kept yard.

To understand people far and near

To work for a world free from fear.

Yes, this is the way to be rich.


I have written five books :TIMBER TALK as heard in the forests of British Columbia

a dictionary of logging terminology

And CELEBRATE JAPAN about Japanese festivals and traditions.

And ZIP the story of the first fifty years of my life.

and ART AND SOUL a book of my poetry and Art.

And ZIPPING ALONG a journal of my life and travels from 1986 to 2003

I hope you enjoy them all.